The 5 Top Sunglass Styles for Summer 2013

matthew-williamson-primavera-printed-sunglasses-product-5-5961232-608113803_large_flex Kate_Spade_Oversized RayBan_Wayfarr Marc_Jacobs_Catseye RayBan_AviatorJuly, August and September are the prime months for sunglass shopping. Holiday booked, tickets and passport at the ready, case packed (or almost) and our desire to sit by a pool, sipping ice cold cocktails increases. Well, what else does one need for a relaxing summer holiday? Sunglasses of course! Let’s face it, none of us wants to come back from a  well-deserved holiday with wrinkle marks around our eyes from squinting in the sun. This summers hottest womens sunglass frames can be broken down into 5 styles.

The Statement sunglass (top picture – Matthew Williamson): Grab yourself a pair of embellished or over the top sunglasses with bright prints and glamorous detailing.

The Oversized sunglass (second picture – Kate Spade): Large, round, big and bold. These sunglasses give ultimate protection and a vintage ’70s glamour feel.

The Wayfarer sunglass (third picture – Ray Ban): A retro vintage classic. These sunglasses are timeless and very rock ‘n’ roll. Can be worn with everything from jeans to evening wear.

The Catseye sunglass (fourth picture – Marc Jacobs): Puuuurfect frame for sophistication and sexiness. A very ’50s style frame which oozes sex appeal and classic glamour.

The Aviator sunglass (fifth picture – Ray Ban): An absolute classic style sunglass. Not only made by Ray Ban, in fact can be found by almost all brands both in store and online and an easy wearing sunglass which will never date.

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